General Appearance:

A dog of noble and balanced appearance, the conformation of which ensures strength, endurance, and speed.  Proud attitude, smooth outlines, lean head, well carried tail, firm shiny coat, and well reaching, harmonious strides emphasize its nobility.  

Important Proportions:  Length of body should slightly exceed height at withers.

Behavior/Temperament:  Firm, balanced, reliable, restrained temperament, neither nervous nor shy or aggressive.

Head:  Lean, well defined, neither too light not too heavy; as to strength and length, it matches the substance and the sex of the dog.

Neck:  Length in harmony with general appearance of the dog, progressively thickening towards the body.  Very muscular and slightly crested nape.  Tight kitting skin of throat.

Body:  Topline should be straight and slightly sloping.  Withers should be well defined.  The back should be firm and muscular.  Vertebral processes should be covered by muscles.  The loin should be short, broad, muscular, straight, or slightly arched.  Transition from back to loin tight and well knit.  The chest should be deeper than broad with well defined forechest, with the sternum reaching back as far as possible.  Sternum and elbow joint on the same level.  Ribs well sprung, neither flat nor barrel-shaped.  False ribs well reaching down.  

Tail:  Set high, strong at the root and then tapering, of medium length.  About halfway docked for hunting purposes.  At rest hanging down in movement horizontal, neither carried too high above the backline nor extremely bent.  

Gait:  Well extended strides, with forceful propulsion from the hindquarters and adequate reach of the forelimbs.  Front and hind legs moving straight and parallel.  The dog is carrying himself in a proud attitude.  

Skin:  Close and tight, not wrinkly.

Coat Hair:  Short and dense, rough and hard to the touch.  Somewhat thinner and shorter on the head and ears, not remarkably longer at the underside of the tail.  Should cover the whole body.  

Color:  Solid Liver, Liver and White, and Liver Roan.  Dogs may or may not be patched and/or ticked.  These combinations are also recognized in the color black everywhere except the AKC show ring.

Size:  This varies from the standard in America versus the European standard.  Males are recommended to be 23-25 inches at the withers in America versus 24-26 in Europe.  Females are recommended to be 21-23 inches at the withers in America vs 23-25 inches in Europe.