We feed and recommend Diamond Naturals dog foods. The formula we feed our adult dogs is the Extreme Athlete.  This formula contains 32% protein and 25% fat.  Hard working dogs need the proper nutrition to be able to perform to their best abilities.  Extreme Athlete does just that for our dogs by giving them the amount of protein and fat they need from quality ingredients.  In addition to supplying the dogs with the energy and stamina they need, this formula also provides a balance of omega fatty acids and antioxidants to support strong bones, joints, and ideal muscle condition.  The formula we feed our puppies and lactating females is Large Breed Puppy.  This is a lamb, rice, and vegetable formula that contains DHA for proper brain and vision development.  This formula contains 27% protein and 15% fat.  L-Carnitine helps the puppies to convert the protein and fat into energy for ideal, healthy body condition.  We feed this formula to our puppies until they are 15 months of age.   For more information about the Diamond Naturals dog foods, please click on the bag you would like to know more about to be directed to their website.  For reviews on this line of foods from Dogfood Advisor, click on their logo and it will take you there.  


When owning an active dog, it is extremely important to take care of their joints.  Their joints must be in top condition to go through the running and jumping that a German Shorthaired Pointer will do.  Whether you are using your dog to hunt game or play in the back yard, you will want to take all of the necessary steps to protects the joints (especially the hips) to ensure your dog has a good quality of life for many years.  With this is mind we use GlycoFlex Sport chews by VetriScience Labratories to give our dogs the needed ingredients that when paired with good genetics allow our dogs to live long and active lives without breaking down.